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Will a New Pool Increase My Home’s Value?

Posted by Jeff Holloway

Adding a new pool can increase your home’s value regardless of the market when it is done properly. Installing a new, properly constructed pool is a surefire way to maintain value and interest in your home. Here are a few factors to consider if you’re thinking about installing a new pool in your home.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor living and space is becoming an important feature in the home construction market. Many builders have gone so far as to include some landscaping services with the new home free of charge. Most homeowners do some work when they purchase a new home. Having a backyard that is already landscaped and with a new pool will be a major draw feature when homeowners are considering purchasing a home.

Consider More Than Price

The price of a new pool is not the only thing to consider. If time is not taken to construct a new pool, home value will decrease significantly. Common problems like cracks in the pools basin or other corrosion will no longer make your pool or home seem desirable. Rather potential buyers will be put-off by an eyesore they can’t repair. Pool restoration is costly, so it’s important to get the pool properly installed the first time, even if that means paying a bit more for the job to be done right.

Quality of Life

Ultimately, having a pool increases the quality of life that all who live in the home will experience. Whether it’s exercise, muscle therapy or just having a nice place to soak your feet the pool offers a great value to any homeowner. It’s the perfect place to catch some rays and finish a book while floating along the pool in the privacy of your own home in summer. Buyers recognize this and so should you. Having a  beautifully constructed pool is not only enjoyable, but also aesthetically pleasing. It significantly reduces the amount of additional landscaping that you’ll need to do in your home.

Regardless of your reasons for choosing a new pool home value is an important thing to remember. Homeowners with pools will experience a much better return on investment in the future. Enjoy your home now and secure your future by installing a pool.

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