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Getting a New Pool – Part 2: What Your Pool Builder Will Ask You

Posted by Shane Carr

Starting the process of building a new pool can seem a little daunting. It is a big decision, and with a custom pool builder the options are virtually limitless. In order to help guide you through the project, your new pool builder will need to know a few things about you in order to give you a backyard you’ll love. To prepare you for your first step in this process, we’ve put together a list of questions you can expect a pool builder/designer to ask you.

1. What type and style of pool do you want?

  • Shotcrete (Gunite) – Basically concrete. This type of pool lends itself nicely to adding special features, such as tile, stonework, waterfalls and grottoes. Very durable pool.
  • Vinyl – Liner will be smooth to the touch. Will resist algae. Liner will last up to 8-10 years.

Both pools are excellent choices and they can both be custom-built however you would like.

2. Have you established a budget for the project?

You want to be able to get the pool you want, with all of the features you love without burning a hole in your pockets. So, don’t hesitate to tell your builder your budget; they can help you prioritize when they get an idea of the scope of the project.

3. What will be the main use for the pool?

Are you going to be just swimming in your pool on occasions? Is it going to be a family playland, or is it mostly for entertaining. Maybe you plan to use it for exercise. Pool sizes, types, shapes and styles all serve different purposes. You need to think about your long-term plan for your backyard and how you’ll use it when designing your pool.

4. Do you want the pool builders to design?

It is helpful for your pool builder to know what level of involvement you as a homeowner would like to have. Most companies have the capabilities to design a pool in addition to building, but they will also work with you if have a design prepared ahead of time.

5. What do you know about your back yard?

You need to know whether your back yard has things like rock, underground trash high water table, septic systems, utilities, anything that might be in the way while constructing your pool because they could cause problems. So make sure you let your new pool builder know of any potential problems.

6. Is there a single sewer line connecting your entire neighborhood?

You need to know whether or not it is safe enough to build your pool where you want to build it. Digging and hitting a sewage pipe would be not only costly, but it is also very messy.

7. Do you know your HOA requirements/Are there any easements, or special stipulations?

One big thing you need to do before building your pool is obtaining approval from the Homeowners Association. You will also need to know about all building regulations and community rules in your area before construction of your pool.

Now you’re fully prepared to meet with a builder and know what information you need to bring to the table. Have fun with this process and get ready to enjoy outdoor living!

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