Shane and Boscoes Pools – Having had lots of construction and contractor experiences, we decided to search for a swimming pool contractor by driving around looking for pools and asking homeowners for referrals. The overwhelming positive responses were for Boscoe’s Pools! We saw several pools during and after construction, and everyone had all positive feedback. They even offered to take us to other homes with Boscoe’s Pools. We did have a couple other Pool Contractors submit proposals. Their attention to detail was not comparable to Shane’s, and they did not address soil settlement and support issues, like Shane did. Soil compaction and settlement is a major consideration with a pool. One hairline crack is a big problem. The entire construction was managed very well. Each stage of the project was thoughtfully executed with our input and vision. Custom pools are a significant project and investment; selecting a pool contractor that shares your vision makes a huge difference in the outcome. We are very pleased with the pool, Boscoe’s service, attention to detail and client involvement! 

Steven Kopelman, Co-Founder
BizGro, LLC


 Using Boscoe’s Pools was a great decision for our family. The quality of work is excellent. They came in an excavated a few large tree’s, moved our septic tank, brought in a good deal of dirt and produced a great pool and deck area for us. It upgraded our home and looks fantastic in our backyard. They produced a great place for our family to use for many years to come and we recommend that anyone that would like a “Quality pool” to check out what Boscoe’s can do. 

Mike Boyd


 Boscoe’s transformed our back yard from a lawn to a resort quality environment. The design of not only our pool but the entire back yard space created an elegance and atmosphere that exceeded expectations. Jeff Holloway and the Boscoe’s team competed against three other companies to win our business. Boscoe’s design was far superior to the others. Designing a swimming pool can be accomplished online and with little imagination. Transforming a blank back yard into a beautifully landscaped pool with immaculate landscaping, well defined multi-season seating and entertaining areas, and perfect sight lines from inside the home, requires true artistic professionalism. Only Boscoe’s demonstrated that quality to us.

Boscoe’s Pools outpaces the competition with professionalism in design and project management. The installation of the pool, landscaping, patio flooring, and fencing was managed by Boscoe’s without issue. Minor unforeseen issues were addressed without need of our involvement. The job was inspected at least twice each day. All of our questions were patiently answered. The job site was left cleaned and ready to show off. The entire Boscoe’s experience could not have been better. We recommend Boscoe’s Pools to everyone. ”

Sandy and Kelly Stephens
Newnan, GA


Absolutely the best builder south of Atlanta (maybe the best including all of Atlanta) is Shane Carr at Boscoe’s Pools. If you Google them you can get their number. That is who I used and I made that decision after discussing with several people in the pool industry in this area. Some other builders who quoted our job even suggested that Shane should probably do the project once we explained what we wanted. Shane will tell you up front he is not interested in being the cheapest. If you would like to see his work, please feel free to stop by.

Regards – Bill


 We can’t say enough about our experience with Boscoe’s Pools. From our first phone call, we could tell they were different from the other companies we’d contacted. Jeff came out to our house and spent more than an hour answering questions and helping us feel comfortable with the investment we were considering. Their competitor was in our yard for maybe 10 minutes, shoved an estimate in our hand and was off to the next job. All throughout construction the crew was efficient and paid attention to detail, going way above and beyond our expectations. We looked around our area at pools built by several companies and we could always spot the Boscoe pools. The quality always stands out. Even after our pool was done, they were always accessible. I practically had them on speed dial during that first pool season and not once did they make me feel like I was a bother. They answered every question and were always quick to come out when I needed them. We enthusiastically recommend Boscoe’s every time our friends ask about our pool. 

Jason & Helga Collins
Sharpsburg, GA


Worked with Shane Carr from Boscoe’s pool. The pool, spa, outdoor fireplace, terraced walls and patio they crafted are top notch in quality and craftsmanship. The materials they use are top of the line. The stone mason’s they use really should be considered artisans because their work is beautiful. We have had no mechanical problems and are very happy we invested in them. Shane was always stays 2 or 3 step ahead of the progress. They finished ahead of schedule and within budget. I you are thinking of building a pool in the Atlanta area you will be making a mistake if you don’t take a look at what Boscoe’s pools has to offer.

Jayson and Lisa McMath


It all started one day when I went to get a pedicure in Newnan. I sat next to this lovely young woman and we began to chat about our lives. We had recently moved to the Woodbury area (very country by the way) and we didn’t know very many people in this area. We soon discovered after talking for awhile that I needed a pool and her husband, Jeff Holloway, owned a pool business. What a coincidence! I got his number and called Jeff to set up an appointment. Jeff came to visit my husband and I and showed us all the ins and outs of putting a pool in our new backyard in Woodbury! We got excited about the whole process and Jeff knew his stuff! He is very knowledgeable when it comes to pools! We got bids from 4 other pool companies in the area, but no one knew the pool business like Jeff. We picked out what we thought we wanted and with his expertise and guidance we soon were able to get the right combination of tile, brick, concrete, pebble tech, waterfalls, diving boards, colors, mortar, and equipment. It was a lot to pick out and I was concerned about how the end result would look, but with Jeff’s help and his excellent working crews, we soon had a beautiful pool in our back yard that literally runs all by itself. I do very little to maintain it. The entire process did not take very long either. They started digging late April and we had a opening pool party on June 16th. The contractors that Jeff used were professional, hard working, polite, and did the most amazing things with brick and tile. My husband and I were so pleased with the work ethics of Boscoe Pool and the end result that is in our backyard is astounding! Everyone that comes to visit us is awed by the beauty of the pool and the workmanship! Our pool was finished last June and since then we have had no hiccups and Boscoe Pool has provided us with excellent support when we needed it to learn how to operate the small hand held control panel. Everything is automated, the waterfalls, spa, cleaner, lights, chemicals, freeze protectors, and blowers. It’s unbelievably amazing. We love it. Thanks Jeff!

Carla and Sam Snider


Hello everyone: Just a short note to let anyone/everyone know how much we enjoyed working with Jeff/Boscoe’s Pools 2 years ago, when we made the decision to install an inground pool in our back yard. Boscoe’s Pool had installed several pools in our neighborhood, and everyone we spoke with had very positive opinions of Boscoe’s Pools. Once we met with Jeff, and made our decision to proceed with installing a pool, the process from start to finish was a very pleasant one. The professionalism of the entire Boscoe team is to be commended, for their attention to detail, consideration of the customer, etc. We were kept well informed of the details involving installation, and once the project was complete, we did not feel like that was the last we would see of Jeff/Boscoe’s Pools. Anytime we have had a question regarding the pool, Jeff has responded in a very proficient/professional manner, and our questions were answered accordingly. I highly recommend Boscoe’s Pools to anyone considering installing a pool/spa in their backyard. You will not be disappointed!!! 

Judy/Joe Rowe


Jeff and Shane did every thing they said they would do. They were very reliable and timely. They did a wonderful, wonderful job on our pool. We have had it in for three summers now and have never had any trouble out of it… and it wasn’t a small pool job either… it had water falls and stacked features.

Richard and Theresa Casey


We have been homeowners for 34 years and lived in 7 homes and as a result, have had many contracting “experiences” . In addition, we built a pool at our last home in Tennessee. When we moved to Newnan, we decided to build another pool. We contacted three different pool contractors and chose Boscoe’s Pools to design and build our pool. That was three years ago and we can clearly say without hesitation, we made the right choice. Jeff led the project although Shane was here many times helping out which in and of itself speaks to the quality of this company. We knew we could contact either of them at any time and get a quick response.

Jeff and his crew were and continue to be a joy to work with. His integrity is beyond reproach and he approached the entire project through the eyes of the customer. I recall one time during the construction phase where Jeff was talking with us on our deck and he saw something he didn’t like. He almost jumped off our deck to stop what they were doing and suggested a change on the spot. A change that proved to be a wise choice in the long run. Jeff or Shane was on site almost every day of the project which provided even more comfort to us during the process..

We have had many situations in the past where a contractor completed a project and we never saw them again when there were problems or issues to correct later. That has not been the case with Jeff, Ryan and the Boscoe team. They are as responsive today as they were on day one. Because of that and the other comments listed above, we strongly recommend Jeff, Shane and Boscoe’s pools for your pool and landscape project. ”

Rod & Jeanne Shough


Boscoe’s Pool built a beautiful spa pool for us. They did a wonderful job overcoming the obstacle of installing in our courtyard with confined space to work in. There was never a day when work was going on that Shane did not stop by at least once and sometimes more each day. The workers were polite, neat and hard working. We are extremely pleased with our pool. Shane still does our cleaning and is always available to help us.

Fred & Linda Brown

Boscoe's Pools