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Tips for Making Good New Pool Design Decisions

Posted by Jeff Holloway

The decision to build a custom pool in your backyard has finally been made, and now the design process begins.  But where do you start?  With so many choices of pool styles, shapes, and materials available it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. The daunting task of generating a new pool design is often best met with a logical set of guidelines that provide a “jumping-off point” for developing a coherent pool plan. The following are tips for making good new pool design decisions that will meet your personal style, functional criteria, budget and timeline:

Tip 1: The Right Fit

In the world of Pinterest you can gather a vast array of beautiful ideas for your pool, and coming to your pool designer with a clear idea of what you want is very helpful to the process. You should keep in mind, though, every yard is different. Something that worked great for someone else, may not be the right fit for your space. The best plan is to be flexible with your design requests. But, if something is a deal breaker for you, make sure your pool builder knows that, so he can develop a plan to work around potential problems.

Tip #2: The Terrain Game

The topography of your property is a primary factor in deciding which pool to install and where it should be located. Think carefully about existing landscape, land characteristics, weather and wind conditions, sunlight exposure, etc.

Tip #3: Architectural Digest

Boscoe's pool symmetrical pool

​​This geometric pool and surrounding hardscape were design specifically to match the architecture of the house.

If you live in a plantation style home, a contemporary and geometrically shaped infinity pool might not be the best design option. A better choice for a craftsman style home would be a softer, free form-shaped pool with natural stone elements for the surround.  While an eclectic approach can work in some decorating situations, the rule of thumb here is to be sure your pool’s design has a seamless flow, creating harmony with the interior and exterior of your home’s architecture.

Tip #4: Budget and Priorities

Prioritize your wants and needs to make certain they are in line with your budgetary limitations. It’s a great idea to get all family members’ input and always think, not only of your current needs, but also of the long-term goals of your property.  After all, you will be spending many years enjoying your pool, so to avoid disappointment be sure your “deal breakers” are included in your new pool design scheme.

Tip #5: Resale Value

A property with a swimming pool can be an asset, but the wrong pool design can also become a liability.  When conceiving your new pool design it’s imperative to think about the features that will make your house more attractive to homebuyers in the future.  A lap pool may appeal to avid swimmers but not to those who have small children. Your choices today have an impact on your future investment, so give your plans careful and thoughtful consideration before breaking ground.

…And the Living is Easy

Warm weather is right around the corner – your good decisions on a new pool design today will mean hours of summer fun tomorrow.

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