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Without question, Boscoe’s Pools is the best pool company in the area.

Posted by Jeff Holloway

Without question, Boscoe’s Pools is the best pool company in the area. Working with Jeff Holloway at Boscoe’s Pools was a very positive and enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Jeff’s expertise is really second to none ­ he not only met our expectations, he exceeded them! After carefully examining the location and making preliminary drawings he presented to us a computer image which actually incorporated the house in the presentation so that it was easy to see the melding of the house and the pool. Jeff brought in samples of construction materials as well as color choices. In addition, we were taken to view actual pools constructed by Boscoe’s Pools. Jeff was there every day from the first soil test to the last flower planted. His communication was excellent and we always knew what was happening each day. His crew that worked on the pool was very competent and dependable. The whole process involved congenial teamwork. Every aspect of the pool was planned and meticulously constructed. The result was an award winning pool that is elegant and a resort­like atmosphere in our backyard. We have had many guests from all over the world that have been awed by the blending of the house, pool and lake into a visual masterpiece. Jeff is easily accessible and he and his team are quick to answer any questions that may arise during daily operations. The pool was also finished within a satisfactory time line and within the budget proposed. Any serious minded homeowner with uncompromising standards for artistry and quality would be hard pressed to find a better company!

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